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Fortunately MOST Juicy Couture charms are generally authentic on ebay. There are "fake" ones but for the most part you are probably buying the real deal. Most fake charms can be identified rather easily! Here are some tips to be aware when shopping on Ebay or other auction sites:

1. If the seller is based in china there is a chance that it may not be real. Especially if it is being sold in mass quantities and there is barely any feedback. Stay away from these auctions.

2. Stock pictures are sometimes a dead give away. Only bid on auctions that have real photos of what you are getting!

3. Do your homework! 2004, 2005 and even some 2006 charms were sold in the blue terry boxes. All the charms were gold plated (not silver in 2004-2005). Don't be afraid to question the seller, especially if the charm is in a box it shouldn't be. Email the seller, they may have multiple charms and just accidentally put it in the wrong box! Ask to see the bottom of the box and take a look at the barcode. All items sold in stores should have a tag at the bottom.

4. Watch the wording in the auctions, if it states it "fits" Juicy Couture bracelets or Thomas Sabo it is most likely a knock off.

5. The copies are a very bright gold color, real plated gold is not so "shiny".

6. 2006 and above charms will have "Love G&P" on them due to the dispute between Proctor and Gamble. Early charms may have "Love P&G". If you find a 2008 charm with "Love P&G " it is a knockoff.

Here are some pictures of "fake" charms found on ioffer:


identify fake juicy charms

You can just SEE the poor quality of these charms!



fake juicy charms for reference

Most of these are obviously fake (the spider is not even close to the real one!)

fake juicy charm

This was released in 2008 (Genie Head) but this one is NOT the real deal! This one has a 2010 Limited Edition tag? huh?

fake bonsaireal bonsai

the fake bonsai on the left has very uneven crystals near the COUTURE base. Very poorly made! The colors of the leaves are off!


This is a fake charm, it is called "fashion bag" and I have seen the "neckform" that was released, this is a cheap knockoff


fake unicorn real unicorn

The one on the left is a fake unicorn charm and the one on the right is the real deal. You can see the "gold" on the left is too bright yellow and the head is not even shaped right!

fake real globe

This one on the left is the fake one, the one on the right is a real one. See how cheap and brassy the gold looks on the left?

fake buddhabuddha

The fake one on the left is in "gold" and the real one on the right was only released in silver!

fake carousel horse Carousel Horse

The fake carousel horse is on the left (gold color is fake and therefore really bright) and the real one is on the right. The quality is laughable!


fake popcorn Popcorn

The fake popcorn on the left was never a limited edition charm! Also the gold is again really off in color, must be because it is FAKE!


MORE PICS to come!

If you want to check out a obvious website that selld counterfeit charms for reference go here.


Here are just a few charms that are counterfeit to really watch out for:


camera (sold in pink and green)

pink panties

yellow flower basket

love birds

poached egg

tropical fish

green mint box


pink bubblegum machine


rocking horse



hot air balloon

blue egg

champagne in bucket


gingerbread house

ice cream cake with sppon

breakfast skillet

chocolate cake slice

pink basketball


banana split

(more to follow with pics to identify the fakes)

3D 4 leaf clover was NEVER red always green!

the gingerbread man was never a limited edition charm!









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